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Be Cool, Organized And The
Envy Of All Your Friends When You Host The Hottest Event…

Are you afraid to invite popular people over because you’re not sure they’d come; think your house might be too crappy for a party, and are totally broke and you don’t know what to serve if they do show up…

Or, your house is awesome, you have friends up the ying-yang, but you have no time to socialize with them, much less host a party, yet you cannot bear another stupid night of standing around with a cocktail in your hand talking about work, and you need to get the instant info to get YOUR party done right?

Download this eBook right now if:

  • You want to be a known as the incredible host who throws the most fun parties with all the best people.
  • You want to experience the gratitude that your friends will give you when you create intimate party experiences that move them.
  • You get invited to every important social event, because EVERYONE wants to be invited to yours.
  • You are ready to be completely relaxed, knowing you are completely organized, stress free, and the skills that you have acquired in planning a party are starting to work in the rest of your life too!
  • You have been to a really great party where the conversation was super satisfying and you want to create that experience in your own life for your friends.
Discover Strategies and Resources That Create A Play-Full, Memorable, On Budget, Unique and Extraordinary Event

Plan Like A Pro: Get The Insider Process

      Throwing a party can be the most fun experience you ever have if you know the perfect steps to take to make it happen with confidence. Get the insider process for making it all happen with a wink, a smile and a pocketful of knowledge that lets you know it is going to be extraordinary.

      I’m Jamie Luv—San Francisco-based party planner extraordinaire. I have put into this eBook everything I have learned over years of throwing everything from small, intimate events to big, blowout bashes. Now, with this eBook, YOU can throw a memorable party that makes you the envy of your social circles.

      When people hire me to organize an event for them, the cost of my expertise alone will cost between $500 and $3000 for the kind of event I am teaching you to produce. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first house party, a bat mitzvah or an intimate dinner party… everything you need to know to have total confidence and a rockin’ event is in this eBook, “Intimate Party Ideas.”

      Even better, once you purchase the eBook, you’ll have the opportunity to access my Intimate Party Ideas Membership site where each month I bring you new resources, party themes, party games and interviews with top party planners.

      In your new eBook, you will get all of the information that I use to create amazing experiences, for a fraction of what one of my clients pay for a single consultation!

Be a ROCKSTAR Event Planner!

      After 10 years of extraordinary events and thousands of elated participants I am giving YOU my trade secrets to being an exemplary host/ess.

      It is not just about what you do, it is about who you are. Take on the role of a rock star event planner or party thrower!

  • Learn how to make everything easy. Creating ease for guests, starts with creating ease for yourself.
  • Acquire the best approaches for attracting awesome help, delegating effectively and motivating people to participate.
  • Handle the hard stuff like it was nothing. Grace under fire is all about perspective. Get the critical viewpoints and confidence tools to make every moment perfect!
  • Know that you have planned ahead without WORRYING about your event. Experience the fun you have created.

People Couldn't Wait For The Next Party

I have been a professional peer of Jamie Luv for 5 years, with several opportunities for event collaboration. As an event producer with hundreds of events under my belt, I know the difference between getting things done, and getting things done well. Jamie Luv's acumen for planning creatively, maximizing resources, and execution in the events sphere are unparalleled. I have had nothing but the most positive of experiences with her.

7 —Eric Sharp, Rock It Science Laboratories/Flavor Group Creative Agency

Jamie Luv held one of her Eye Gazing events at my event space called Sera Phi. As a venue owner, I see many different kinds of events. Jamie Luv's Connectivate event featured the activity of Eye Gazing. It was amazing to see a group of people come together and connect so quickly after participating in the practice. The entire event was smooth, flowing and graceful. At the same time energetic, engaged and full of fun. The feedback was outstanding, and people could not wait for another one. I think Jamie Luv's strategies for success, and amazing ideas will help anyone create a great event.

8 —Ananda’ JI Owner, Sera Phi

If This Is Your First Party Or Your Livelihood, This System Can Make A Difference In Your Experience Today.

      Stuck on where to start, other than just inviting a bunch of people over?

      This eBook, which you can download right now, will make your first experience a roaring success. People who throw parties, get invited to parties. Imagine becoming part of the party scene as one “in the know” right from the start!

      Do you want to raise the bar and create more intimacy and opportunity for really great connections? Ready to take it beyond music and shmoozing and get your guests motivated to play?

      My planning techniques and game facilitation will bring your events to new heights.

      Have you thrown a party or two, and found them to be good, but missing something? Then try my Eye Gazing Party game, which comes with your first month of membership in my Intimate Party Ideas club.

      Eye Gazing is the first intimate party game I teach you. You get an eBook with all the instructions, an audio tutorial where I tell you how to play the game and my “Jamie Luv Eye Gazing Raps.” The “Raps” are audio files you download and put on your iPod or rip to a CD and play in your stereo system. Just listen and play along as I guide you and your friends in a fun, connected game that everyone will be talking about for years.

      And Eye Gazing is just ONE of the fun party games you’ll get as part of your membership. I’ll teach you HotSeat, Quality Questions and more fun games that you and your friends will find increases your personal connection and community in a way that nothing else does.

      And for you professional planners, you already know that there is nothing like this out there. Many pro’s guard their processes, because they know how easy it would be for their clients to do it themselves if they only knew the tricks.

      Up-sell yourself, and invigorate your creativity through my techniques.

      Intimate connection in social networking is the number one experience that people strive for at an event. Find out how to give your clients more of what they are looking for.

I Want YOU and Your Friends To Have
As Much Fun As I Do!

      As an event planner, I get to bring people together and watch magic happen. When people feel free to truly share themselves, their ideas and their desires, the most amazing thing happens. JOY. If I can spread joy by spreading my techniques and processes, then I am succeeding at my goal.

      A world full of events that can be meaningful and even transformational, is a fabulous thing.

      For over a decade, I’ve focused on creating meaningful events that allow participants to expand their minds, experiences and networks.

      I do this by creating unique and inspirational ways for people to interact and learn.

      Most people have anxiety about connecting with others. They are afraid they are going to be judged for their clothes, words, occupation, or they simply may be feeling anxious to begin with.

      I put my attention on creating events that allow people feel comfortable, relaxed, engaged, and enthusiastic.

      By creating a clear vision, explicitly inviting people into it, and organizing impeccably around the outcome that you desire, you, too, can create unbelievable events that will have people thanking you for years to come.

      There are few gifts more precious than the gift of more true friends. Right?

      By using the tools, games and systems outlined in Intimate Party Ideas, you will be giving your guests the opportunity to make connections that go deep and last a lifetime.

      I want everyone to be successful at it! In this complicated world, where people are disconnected, creating ways for people to connect is an important and extraordinary opportunity.

Events That Are Fun and Spirited

I have worked with Jamie Luv in professional contexts for over 15 years now. I have been able to experience her extraordinary organizational skills and creative planning methods first hand in a diverse range of capacities. Watching her manage people, events and projects ultimately led me to recruit her to work for my company, Jay Siegan Presents, where she consistently and effectively managed up to 10 unique events per week. Our special events clients ranged from intimate family & friend gatherings to major events for Fortune 500 businesses. Her ability to adapt to our clients needs and help them successfully co-create events that were always fun and spirited is her true calling. Jamie is a uniquely creative, fun and clear expert in her field.

6 —Jay Siegan, CEO, Jay Siegan Presents

The Main Components: Why, Who, What and How To Throw A Great Event

Each Of These Components Is A No Nonsense, Get To The Point Strategy For Success!

      Does facilitating intimacy at a party sound scary?

      What if you want your friends to get more than idle chit chat and some snacks?"

      Would you like them to be moved by the experience of coming to your event?

      Wondering how to create the mood, the opportunity and the circumstances that will get a room full of people connecting deeply in moments?

      Included in this eBook are all of the facilitation How to’s that will make your experience of leading this event perfect, and your guests experience transformational.

      Discover how visioning your party as a contribution, will frame the experience for you and your guests.

      Why set and setting are so important, and choosing the right place (in or out of your home) are essential.

      Why having games and activities will set your event apart, and give your guests more than they hoped for.

      Who you are and what you have to offer your guests is a glorious opportunity, start creating it NOW!

      Theme is essential. Learn the trade tricks of the VALUE acronym. Set your guests up to be the stars in an incredible scene.

      Old boring themes will get you lackluster events. Plan the details they want to know, and set them up to be the life of the party!

      Your guest list may be one of the first things you create, if you know who you are inviting, you need to tailor the party to them.

      Why not inviting some people is the hard decision that makes all the difference, and how to make it easier.

      Who are you going to be at your party? Inviting the “right you” is the first step.

      The 3 essential elements of getting guests to your event:

-Being the Invitation
-Writing the Invitation
-Sending the Invitation

      Learn the secrets that will have you swimming in RSVP’s.

      This is the nuts and bolts of what pro planners get paid for. What you need to make an event a success. Organize the shopping, the food, the assistants and the schwag that will turn up the Fantastic Factor at your party!

      What is your theme? What kind of invite to send? What am I going to serve? Turn those questions into statements that scream fun!

      Included in the eBook are basic resources for all of your party stuff. There are a million places to get party supplies. Know where to shop to get it fast, cheap and fun!

      You want your guests drooling before they arrive, oohing and aahing with every bite and sighing with impressed gratitude after they leave. FEED THEM, and do it with style and on budget.

      Party planners know that food is top of mind. Make every penny count toward the most meaningful investment. Know your guest list, and create the kinds of treats that they will never forget.

      Throwing a party means shopping. Either online, in the store or in your own closet…you will have to make some choices and selections about what you will be bringing to the event.

      If you love shopping, this is the fun part and you need to know when enough is enough.

      If you hate shopping, these checklists will keep it efficient, simple and streamlined so you get it, and get gone!

      Learn how to create clear standards, boundaries and expectations so that you and the people who are helping you are clear about exactly what needs to happen, and when you are done and it is time to enjoy the event.

      Consciously creating your standards with the right words sets you up for measurable levels of success that will allow you to delegate effectively and get more done!

      This eBook is PACKED with everything you need to feel confident about throwing a fantastic party and making everyone impressed by you.

Some Words about Eye Gazing

I “luved” the Eye gazing part of the evening. Jamie hit the mark with integrity on how to quiet our bodies down for a more profound and insightfully deep connection. There were around 30 or so people in the room and after about 10 or so minutes into the exercise it felt like we were all one. All sharing the same moment, the same breath, and excitement. Many times people have a hard time letting go of their days in attempting to dive into one of these exercises, this was not the case when led by Jamie. It was the first thing we all did together and it was a really sweet way to kick off the evening for more fun and in a more relaxing environment.

5 —Rob Noel

Intimate Party Ideas eBook Includes:

  •  Party Themes, Invites, Organizational Systems, Resources, Food & Beverage, Intimate Game Concepts and More!

for $47.00 $27.00

How About Some FREE Party Theme Ideas You Can Use Right Now?

Organize Your Themes and Dreams

      How do you decide what your theme will be? By incorporating all of your most important values into a theme you will create an outcome that is fabulous!

      Stop and imagine yourself at the party right now. What is the “thing” at the party that you are next to, wearing, eating, or doing that when you imagine it, makes you glow with excitement?

      Do you have an extraordinary dress, that is just perfect for a certain theme?

      Have you stumbled upon the most scrumptious recipes, and when you imagine a table full of that food, you can’t help but grin knowing how good it is all going to be?

      Do you have the most darling little items that just need to be showcased? Perhaps items from travels, or crafts that you have made?

      Is your home stereo system club quality?

      Do you have a dream of dancing a dance, or playing an instrument?

      What is your bliss? Bring it to the event. Create ways for your guests to bring their most interesting selves with creative and unique themes.

      Here are some 100% unique meme themes for you to try out. Nothing boring here!

  • Hi Ho, Check Out My Stereo—Have all of your guests choose their own personal theme song, and send it to you before the event. Play the theme songs through out the night, and let people share why they love that song!
  • Culture Parade—Gone traveling and now you have a beautiful Sari, an African Head-wrap and a Kimono? Wondering where you will ever wear them again? Do an international theme and encourage everyone to bring OR wear their favorite international treasure. Share yours too of course!
  • OH OH OH Soooo Tasty!—Oh, this recipe is good…oh no this one…and OH, this one. Oh oh oh…let your guests recreate the diner scene in “When Harry Met Sally”. Let them vote on your tastiest treats with their own “screamers”. Nothing breaks the ice like a room full of moaning people. The laughs will be inevitable, and your guest will never forget it. (You will get great feedback on your food, or have a potluck for twice the fun!)
  • “Yeah…I Made That!”—Are your friends crafty, artists, or just want to be? Perhaps they are not crafty at all, not even close? Have everyone bring an item and put them on display in your home. (no need to decorate!) Play “Art Gallery” for the night. Let them “pretend” to be the artist. Tell each other fascinating tales about the person that created this piece of art, and why it is a statement about the world. A fabulous opportunity for everyone to be funny, no matter what their sense of humor! Points for silliest stories.

Here's What's Yours Immediately When You Click "Get It Now"

  •  Party Themes, Invites, Organizational Systems, Resources, Food & Beverage, Intimate Game Concepts and More!

for $47.00 $27.00

P.S. Imagine how you’ll be the envy of your friends, swimming in RSVP’s for your party.

P.P.S. I offer a 100% Take-it-to-the-Bank Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, just let me know and I’ll immediately refund your money.

P.P.P.S. Even if you’re not ready yet to throw your party, read this eBook so you can imagine what it might be like. Sometimes fantasizing can be just as fun

P.P.P.P.S. Intimate Party Ideas makes a great hostess gift for your next party. Who do you know that would love a party book? Better than that bottle of wine you were going to take!

P.P.P.P.P.S. Is there anything more precious in life than your intimate friendships?